How can I help you get to where you want to be as a photographer?

Each of my mentoring packages are completely customizable to your needs as a photographer. During our meet-ups, we can discuss any topics of any skill level whether you are a beginner and you are still trying to understand how to shoot your camera in manual or you are a seasoned shooter who needs a little extra editing assistance or help starting up their business. On this page, you will be able to see which package is right for you and I will go over some of my strength I feel I can help you grow in as a photographer.

Before I go any farther, I want to make it clear that I am NOT perfect. I am still learning everyday. It is so important to remember that photography is a form of art and sadly all art is subjected to lots of different opinions. Even if someone might not agree with me, their opinions are still valid. YOUR opinions are still valid. Especially when we are speaking about your work and creations. I am here to get to know you as a photographer and help you find yourself. It should never be your goal going into a mentor session to have an identical style to someone else. Dig deep. What do you want your style to look like? This is something to think about before your mentorship session.

This is something that makes photography such a beautiful field to practice community over competition. There are so many unique and wonderful styles out there. And if one person doesn't vibe with you? ANOTHER WILL. Your mission as a photographer is to find and manifest YOUR clients. If someone doesn't appreciate or respect your images or your eye, there is no reason for either of you to pursue the other.

The only way to manifest your perfect clients is to SHOOT AND SHARE. If you don't have clients to photograph, shoot for yourself. Find a model or friend and be creative. if I am being completely realistic, 75% of my bookings I get are from the styled shoots I put together on my own. Those shoots stand out SIGNIFICANTLY. It is my goal to shoot for myself at least once a week. (But let's face it, twice a month in the busy season)



1 hour coffee/skype date

Meet up locally in Houston for a coffee date (or Skype for my long distance friends) Answer any questions you might have on camera settings, editing and just one on one photography talk.

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What gear do you use?

My current main camera body is a Nikon D780. I alternate between a sigma 35 1.4 and a Nikkor 50mm 1.4.

What is your editing process?

the first part of my editing process is to back up my photographers from my sd card to my external Lacie hard drive.
I then import my photos into Lightroom Classic to apply my color profiles/ do color adjustments and cull the images. After culling and color grading, I finish each image in photoshop for some basic enhancing and retouching.

Where are you based?

Houston, Texas but traveling a lot so stay tuned if I am not close? I will be ;)