Connecting photography & God

I struggled for a long time to find a way to incorporate the lord in my photography business. I wanted to feel like I was doing something that gave me the ability to continue growing in my faith every day. In this industry (honestly, in every industry) there is lots of toxicity and so many ways to fall into a gray area where you may feel like you are compromising your morals or being influenced away from Gods ways. Something specific that has always stuck out to me is hearing someone call the photography industry vain. And sadly, it is true. This is a very vain industry. but it doesn't have to be. This is a humbling reminder that we are not the one true original artist of the world and we are merely lucky humans who have received the gift of embracing all of what he has made.

We as photographers are creating art from his original art piece. We are embracing and enjoying this incredible world he created.